Wednesday, September 26, 2012


A new Federal Crime of Theft of Pre-Retail Medical Products extends the wiretapping authority of the Federal Government while issuing a directive to the Sentencing Commission to amend the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to comply with the law, if necessary. The United States Senate passed the new crime bill after the House and is expected to become law when President Obama signs it (as he is expected to do). 
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Water then Wiretap iPhone.
The Federal Guideline Sentencing Commission supplies summaries of criminal laws and interprets new federal criminal statutes from Congress because it is charged with implementing the sentencing standards enumerated within the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Federal Courts. New federal criminal laws often require amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to keep the Guidelines relevant, up to date and even more confusing for Criminal Defense Lawyers in Clearwater who use the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to make unique, strong and effective sentencing arguments in Federal Court in Tampa, Florida.

It's not unusual for the new criminal law to extend the wiretapping authority so that law enforcement will be able to investigate any violations. The wiretapping authority ultimately rests with Judges who must make a finding of probable cause that a crime may have been committed by signing warrants with sworn affidavits from federal law enforcement officers who seek the wiretap. But the ever increasing number of activities which are defined as crime will inevitably increase the number of approved wiretaps at the expense of privacy.
The new federal Pre-retail Medical Product Theft law as passed by Congress will become binding law once the President signs it. It will expand current criminal federal law in Medical Theft cases in the Middle District of Florida in Tampa because it applies to "...a medical product that has not yet been made available for retail purchase by a consumer..." defining medical product as "...a drug, biological product, device, medical food or infant formula." 
If you have been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Tampa in the Middle District of Florida or are being investigated for federal criminal charges call a Clearwater Criminal Attorney as soon as possible for advice, help and defense guidance.