Why not call Robert Hambrick for your free case evaluation and consultation? If you or someone you care for needs immediate legal help, Robert will give you important information about your case.

Here are the five important things you'll learn about your criminal case from Robert Hambrick when you meet in his office:

  1. Whether you face jail, probation or some other punishment. Robert will go into detail on what the likely sentencing guideline range is that you may be facing for your particular situation.
  2. Whether your constitutional rights were violated in any way. Was there any un-American police misconduct. For example, was there a proper search warrant? If the police claim there was a consensual search, are they being honest? Were the Miranda Warnings given? Was there a valid confession given?
  3. Whether a jury would be likely to convict of the charges as filed. Even when someone is technically guilty of a crime it's important to have Robert look at all of the circumstances and facts of the case to determine any possible weaknesses.
  4. Whether it is possible to intervene with prosecutors before they actually file the charges if the police have already made an arrest or to persuade them not to pursue charges if police have not made an arrest. And to assess every possible avenue  for having criminal charges dismissed or reduced so that you won't face being branded as a criminal for the rest of your life.
  5. Whether the Judge can be persuaded to show mercy based on the facts of your case in establishing effective mitigation arguments.

Here are the things you'll learn from Robert about how he will handle your case if you decide to hire him:

  1. Robert will tell you exactly how much his fee will be and why.
  2. Robert will tell you about any other possible expenses up front with a listing of the likely prices. For example, if there are fees for depositions, investigators or crime scene specialists. 
  3. Robert will tell you how long he expects the case to take before being resolved and why it may take that much time. 
  4. Robert will give you his cell phone number so that you can contact him at any time of the day or night. And if he can't answer, he'll call you back immediately.
  5. Robert will not make any promises other than this: a promise to do his best to make sure you attain the best possible outcome for your case.

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