When you or someone you care for needs help with a criminal law problem, you need to know that your attorney is there for you at any hour of the night or day. Immediate help means being able to reach your lawyer when you need him most no matter when or where.

Robert Hambrick will not only give you his office number, he'll give you his cell phone number so you can reach him when you need him - not next week, not tomorrow afternoon, but now. The goal is to take early decisive action in solving criminal defense problems as soon as possible so that law enforcement officers and prosecutors are caught unprepared for your strong defense. 

Robert Hambrick has spent the past thirty years preparing for your defense, first as a prosecutor and for many years as a criminal defense lawyer. He's committed to helping those who face criminal prosecution find the best possible outcomes. The best outcomes can be achieved because Robert spends time with his clients and is always there for them when they need him. 

The earlier you appraise Robert of the complete facts and circumstances of your case the sooner he'll be able to favorably resolve it. Immediate action from attorney Robert Hambrick helps to move your criminal case forward toward a successful resolution in the following ways:

1. Evidence of innocence is protected. Did the investigating officers actually find all of the evidence? Is there other evidence that tends to establish innocence? If so, then that evidence must be secured. Eventually the evidence must be given to prosecutors at the State Attorney's Office in an effort to have criminal charges no filed, dismissed or reduced.

2. Witness for the defense are secured. Did the Detective make a good faith effort to talk to all of the witnesses who may have observed an alleged crime? In many cases officers only seem to believe one side of the story, becoming blind to any facts that contradict the story as they initially view it. In these cases it's necessary for criminal lawyer Robert Hambrick to conduct a thorough review of all of the possible witnesses and to establish an alternative narrative of innocence for his clients.

3. Contradictions in the Government's case are established and exploited. Often police and prosecutors fail to understand that their  set of allegations are not internally consistent. Then it's important for Robert to establish the impossibility of the prosecution's scenario, while at the same time finding other scenarios consistent with innocence. 

4. Immediate action is taken to intervene in the investigative process to secure an outcome that does not result in an arrest or time needlessly spent in jail. When the criminal justice investigative system goes out of control even innocent people can become ensnared in a witch hunt for guilt. It's important for defense lawyer Robert Hambrick to persuade law enforcement officers not to make an untimely arrest nor to needlessly destroy someone's reputation in the community.

5. Possible police bias or misconduct is examined. Far too often Tampa Bay police officers have misused their authority even to the point of committing crimes themselves. Robert Hambrick will examine what the officers did with his client as well as the reputation of each officer involved.

6.  Significant motions to suppress evidence or to dismiss the case entirely are timely filed when appropriate. If officers failed to obtain a valid search warrant or made other errors of fact or law in a criminal case, then criminal attorney Robert Hambrick will do his best to throw out the tainted evidence or testimony.

Why not call lawyer Robert Hambrick for your free consultation right now at (727)365-5555 and he'll talk to you about your criminal law problem.

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