Thursday, August 02, 2012


Sometimes you wonder how our Tampa Bay Judges keep their sanity. Not only do our esteemed Judges have to deal with argumentative Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorneys, braying prosecutors, belligerent bailiffs, but now even the once meek jurors jurors of Tampa Bay are giving our esteemed Judges trouble. After admonishing perspective jurors not to talk to each other about a Defendant who is facing multiple murder trials including a significant murder trial where he is implicated in the deaths of two Tampa Bay Florida officers, jurors just couldn't resist some chatter (and chatter and further chatter).

Gossiping Jurors cause year delay in murder trial in Tampa Florida
Norman Rockwell, The Gossip
As a recent news article noted:
The judge said the rescheduled trial, will probably not take place for another year and may have to be moved outside the Tampa area.
Announcing his decision on Wednesday, Hillsborough Circuit Judge William Fuente didn't criticize any individual jurors for gossiping, but said, "If you did, you know who you are. You should be ashamed." ... One offending juror confessed, "I guess I don't have good self-control."

Press reports further noted that as many as sixteen of the jurors participated in the gossip directly or inadvertently by just happening to listen as others spoke. Your favorite Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer has some special advice for future jurors - just gossip about each other.