Wednesday, August 01, 2012


What happens to a Pinellas County Sheriff's Deputy who is demeaning and abrasive to citizens while failing to properly investigate DUI cases? Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyers might think he'd be lucky if he wasn't fired. But instead he was merely assigned to be a bailiff. And he isn't happy about it. Now he's appealing that decision so that he can investigate DUI cases again. 
According to press reports the Pinellas County Deputy : 

Clearwater law enforcement officer in 1950, a Clearwater Criminal Lawyer thinks they should still honor the uniform & the badge
Honoring uniform & badge, 1950
According to an inter-office disciplinary memo, Hubbard was also suspended for 160 hours and had to undergo a fitness-for-duty evaluation...Internal affairs officials investigated 38 arrests ... In 24 of those cases, the investigation found, the DUI charge was either dropped or reduced because either the suspect's blood-alcohol content was barely at or under the legal limit of .08 or the driver refused the tests after interacting with Hubbard..."Upon review of videos relating to several of your DUI cases, you were found to be demeaning and abrasive towards citizens," Hubbard was told in a disciplinary memo...

Would you want that Deputy investigating you? This Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Blog has noted that there is plenty of misconduct in Tampa Bay law enforcement such as Sheriff's Deputies destroying evidence, police officers caught doing crimes, and Pinellas Deputies using fake subpoenas to obtain evidence

When his conduct is compared to some of the others in local law enforcement this Deputy must believe he is an example of rectitude, discipline and excellence within the force. At least one Clearwater Defense Criminal Attorney would set the standards for police officers and sheriff's deputies in Tampa Bay at a higher level than not being caught in felonious conduct by firing - not reassigning - officers who don't respect citizen's rights.