Friday, July 20, 2012


Almost 90% of adults in America own a cell phone. Cell phones not only contribute to the loud braying at your favorite restaurant, but they are leading to the end of personal privacy as we've known it, since cell phones hold an incredible amount of personal information which is readily accessible by law enforcement without proper warrants. Yet lately Tampa Bay officers have come under attack for giving false information in warrant requests to Judges in drug cases. Worse, much of the information being given to law enforcement is 'dumped' from cell towers including all of the thousands of cell phone users whose personal information happens to be logging thru at the moment, making police privy to vast quantities of private information without any court's intervention, beyond the scope of judicial review and free from any objections for its use from Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorneys.
now we all have cell phones but no privacy
"I want a cell phone!"
Recent reports show that police in the United States obtained over 1.3 million cell phone records, call location, GPS tracking, text messages and call history information in the past year. This obtrusive tracking of citizens is what one might expect in a totalitarian country rather than in America.
How many cell phone information requests were made by local law enforcement? How many of the requests result in arrests, prosecutions and convictions in Tampa Bay? Who supervises the propriety of the cell phone requests to phone companies at each law enforcement agency?
Is it really too much for a Clearwater Criminal Lawyer to ask that the Tampa Police Department, the Hillsborough Police Department, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department, the Largo Police Department, the Clearwater Police Department and the St. Petersburg Police Department give an accurate accounting for the number of requests they have for cell phone information? As Americans we demand transparency to protect our privacy rights from each local Tampa Bay law enforcement agency.