Tuesday, January 24, 2017


When you or a member of your family is facing the most challenging time of your life it's important that a criminal defense lawyer is immediately available to offer the best possible solutions for your problem. And at our firm we're always ready to offer advice 24/7 every day of the year. Just call (727)365-5555 and leave a message and the Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer will return your call tolp you as soon as possible to help you.

If you're being investigated for a Florida federal crime you'll need help from an effective and reliable lawyer with significant experience in Federal Court, who understands what to do if a federal grand jury is looking into your conduct, who knows how to establish federal prosecutorial abuse, who possesses  a comprehensive view of the Federal system including the judges, magistrates, federal agents and prosecutors and has had numerous successful trials in Federal Court including large drug cases involving cocaine as well as marijuana

If there's already been an arrest in your case for either the violation of a federal crime or a violation of Florida law such as battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated battery, assault, drug crimes or grand theft, then it's vital to your prospects to pursue your investigation of the facts and law to mount the best possible defense for your case. This can best be done thru the hiring of an experienced Clearwater criminal defense attorney.

In all Florida courts it's a strategic advantage to having your lawyer at every stage of the proceedings as the cases quickly from investigation to arrest and toward a jury trial. The objectives set and decisions made in early stages of the criminal proceedings set the tone for everything that follows. Even after an arrest has been made by law enforcement officers the State Attorney's Office under Florida law must conduct its own investigation of the facts of a case and in felony cases that includes the taking of testimony. Although there may have been an arrest a defense lawyer already knowledgeable about the facts and circumstances of the criminal allegations will strive to lead the prosecutors toward a decision to no file the case.

At our firm we're always prepared to help you. Call today and receive the criminal law help you need from a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer available at any hour every day.

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