Tuesday, February 10, 2015


In a new study the use of marijuana was found not to increase the risk of car crashes. After adjusting for age, sex and alcohol use the study showed that people testing positive for pot were not more likely than other drivers who were not using drugs or alcohol to cause or avoid car crashes. When pot is combined with alcohol use the synergetic effect of the combined drugs could increase the chances of a car crash. The study undermines the rationale for DUI laws that include pot as a possible single intoxicant to define marijuana impaired driving. 

Every criminal law should have some basis either in morality or scientific fact. It's clear that many laws criminalizing marijuana use are not based on any actual scientific studies. Instead criminal drug laws including those for marijuana are too often based on whim, class war, fear and politics. The results are miserable with people's lives being ruined by criminal statutes that have no basis in scientific fact. 

Those who use drugs should not be harassed, arrested nor charged with crimes and heavy marijuana penalties. Too often police use inappropriate and un-american tactics of drug searches and seizures to fight their unilateral drug wars often without seeking proper search warrants from judges. Because of the widespread use of drugs the process itself is fraught with hypocrisy with many of those in law enforcement including prosecutors and police officers using illegal drugs recreationally. 

Yet those arrested pay a heavy price not only in fines, probation and jail, but also in how they are later treated within the community. Despite Clearwater criminal drug court, those facing drug sanctions live in constant fear and intimidation of the law. This new study should go a long way toward changing the fanatical attitude of many narrow minded Americans who would take away the freedom of others to live life as they choose. 

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