Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Your assumptions about the causes of crime may mirror those of your favorite Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer, that the fire of crime ignites from an endless variety of personal sparks. Beyond mere greed or need are the many cultural causes of crime such as extended time in violent prison which breeds further crime. 

van gogh's painting with lead may have led to antisocial behavior; if he'd lived in Tampa Bay Florida he might have been arrested for crimes.
Van Gogh, Painting with Lead
Looking further there have been a number of intriguing cases where criminal conduct was directly attributed to physical stresses such as the discovery of a brain tumor in a Texas serial killer whose suicide note asked for the affirming autopsy, that his problem was not self motivated but an uncontrolled impulse. And still other scientific studies point to genetic triggers for a predisposition to commit crime.

All of these studies taken together makes one leery of any study staking a claim to being the great speeding bullet cause of crime. 
So, drum roll, here's the new cause of crime, lead. 
Historians link the Fall of Ancient Rome with the unwitting use of lead in water pipes as well as plates, pots and utensils. Could lead be the missing link from Nero, the cause of crime in America?
A recent article links the vast consumption of lead to the rise of the crime rate in America from 1960 thru 1990. Further, it maps cities such as New Orleans showing that greater crime follows areas of the city with more ingested lead.
It's clear we need to further reduce lead consumption especially in children. Scientific studies definitively establish that lead consumption often results in antisocial behavior increasing crime by as much as 20% and that America is still engulfed in significant inadvertent lead consumption. For example, lead dust at shooting ranges in Tampa, Florida has become a problem for the military. Here are some excellent recommendations on lead renovation, repair and painting to stop hazardous lead dust or chips. 

For those unfortunate Florida folks charged with a crime who have elevated lead counts at higher levels than the norm, you should make certain your Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney is aware of the recent lead studies to use the information as a mitigating factor at sentencing.

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