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Your favorite Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney suggests you'll watch your wallet with greater care after reading a recent riveting profile in the New Yorker about America's best pickpocket whose excellent technique is being studied by scientists and the military, because he not only uses slight of hand but rides the weaknesses of human character in a dangerous dance. 
in Florida pickpockets are often charged with grand theft or petty theft depending on the value of what was taken.
The Department of Defense recently endowed a training facility at Yale where the pickpocket will teach and consult for useful applications of his services in espionage pickpocketing, con games and behavioral influence.

Here are some sharp observations from the master thief and pickpocket, Apollo Robbins, as excerpted from the New Yorker profile of his spectacular thefts on how he charms, beguiles, cajoles and undermines his target's resistance. 
“When I shake someone’s hand, I apply the lightest pressure on their wrist with my index and middle fingers and lead them across my body to my left,” he said, showing me. “The cross-body lead is actually a move from salsa dancing. I’m finding out what kind of a partner they’re going to be, and I know that if they follow my lead I can do whatever I want with them.” 
 “If I come at you head-on, like this,” he said, stepping forward, “I’m going to run into that bubble of your personal space very quickly, and that’s going to make you uncomfortable.” He took a step back. “So, what I do is I give you a point of focus, say a coin. Then I break eye contact by looking down, and I pivot around till I’m in your space... under your radar with access to all your pockets....If I lean my face close in to someone’’s like a closeup. All their attention is on my face, and their pockets, especially the ones on their lower body, are out of the frame.  
“It’s stepping outside yourself and seeing through the other person’s eyes, thinking through the other person’s mind, but it’s happening on a subconscious level.” 
Who'd have thought that a theft is like the dancing of a salsa. Apollo Robbins first became famous when he took the badges and Presidential schedule of a Secret Service Presidential Protection Team in Las Vegas. Understandably unamused they did not arrest him, yet were befuddled that their secrets could be so easily breeched.  
More than just the theft there is in pickpocketing the indignity of being singled out as a vulnerable target and fleeced. By the way, have you seen my wallet?
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