Saturday, November 24, 2012


Clearwater Criminal Attorneys have attacked the proliferation of surveillance cameras in Tampa Bay only to find that the den of crime known as St. Petersburg Florida recently launched its own fancy Armored Surveillance Van with multiple video cameras aimed against it's citizens, presumably to quell their hidden criminal impulses and to enjoy a bit of eavesdropping. One wonders how this might be necessary when recent FDLE crime statistics proclaim that violent crime in Florida and in the Tampa Bay area is down.

The Luncheon on the Grass - New Surveillance Van in St. Petersburg Florida will diminish privacy rights in Tampa Bay Florida
Van's View: St. Petersburg Mayor & Police Chief 
The Chief of Police for the St. Petersburg Police Department and the mayor of St. Petersburg want to place the vehicle in 'high crime areas' where it will record everything that happens twenty-four hours a day. Somehow that doesn't seem fair. Shouldn't we first protect our esteemed leaders? 

Since our city elders are more concerned with possible crime than protecting the privacy rights of their citizens perhaps the van should first be parked in front of their yards as a beautiful and beneficial upgrade to their neighborhoods using facial recognition software to properly detail that their lives are not criminal. And as they drive to work why not let the surveillance vehicle follow them shrouding them in the warm glow of its protective video cocoon while recording their every activity so that we can all enjoy the Big Brother benefits that comes from taking away the privacy rights of others.