Sunday, September 09, 2012


Your favorite Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer is often stopped on the street only to be solemnly asked by someone who looks suspiciously like you my gentle reader. Where is a safe place to store these missing body parts? 
You could think that if your attorney might not readily have a satisfactory answer for you, that a Doctor with a medical examiner's autopsy experience not to mention a few years of dating medical school cadavers as Doctors are prone to do, would have excellent insight into the best ways for successful body part storage.
Yet a former Florida medical examiner in Pensacola, Florida faces multiple felony charges for haphazardly storing leaking body parts in an improbable place - his private storage unit. And making matters worse in failing to keep up with payments on said storage unit allowing the contents to be auctioned to the highest bladder - oops, errrr - I mean, bidder.

Here are some excerpts from the body of press reports:
Rembrandt, The Anatomy of Dr. Tulp, 1632
A man who bought the unit's contents discovered the human organs after becoming overpowered by a strange smell while sifting through the items, authorities said.... Ten cardboard boxes stacked in a corner of the unit contained "numerous individual containers with ... human remains stored in a liquid substance," according to the affidavit. Most of the containers were labeled...and, according to the affidavitCrudely preserved brains, hearts, lungs and other organs and specimens were discovered in more than 100 containers (about half) in soda cups and plastic food containers
Now that bidding on the contents of Florida storage units has become so lucrative, one wonders if this find will increase or decrease the overall net value of bidding. No one is suggesting that the former medical examiner committed untold unsolved murders in Florida. And one wonders about the propensity of some Defendants to make themselves suspects of crime. But one thing is certain, there should be an increase in scrutiny on the reliability of the testimony given by medical examiners in the state of Florida. Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorneys are often dumbfounded by the malleability of medical examiners who are eager to provide whatever testimony prosecutors desire without regard to intellectual honesty and integrity.