Monday, July 16, 2012


A Florida Judge may want to look into becoming a faith healer should he ever tier of listening to Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorneys. Judge Hurley was conducting what are known as bond advisories, where he determines bond for recently arrested inmates via a video link into the jail. Looking at a Defendant named Carl Funk, charged with Trespass, the defendant said that he is gravely disabled, in a wheelchair and bedridden even requiring the help of two deputies to sit at the hearing before the Judge.

Here are excerpts from the Sun Sentinel describing Judge Hurley's healing ways:
Judge helps Defendant with bond and plea deal and even helps him walk again, bonding out of jail in Clearwater, Largo, Petersburg
Masaccio, Healing with his Shadow, 1424
"I am disabled and it's really a problem for me to move around, I really need to be in my bed and that's where I'll be for the rest of my life."The judge read from the police report that stated Funk was trespassing on private property on South Ocean Drive."It didn't look like you were in bed at that time," Hurley said.

Funk explained that two men carried him out of his home to a neighbor's property, triggering the trespassing violation."I was [dragged] out by two unknown people," Funk said.A sympathetic Hurley set bond at $100 but Funk said he could not afford it."Your honor, I have limited funding," he said.So the judge offered Funk a six-month payment plan for $50 and Funk accepted it in exchange for a guilty plea."Sir, we are defendant-friendly in this courtroom," the judge joked. "Good luck, Funk."And with that, Funk stood up and walked away. The courtroom erupted in laughter and the judge looked up to see Funk was gone from the video monitor. He asked a jail deputy how the disabled defendant departed so quickly; the deputy explained Funk had used a walker that could not be seen on camera. Raising both hands, Judge Hurley declared, "He's been cured."
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