Monday, July 09, 2012


It shouldn't take a lawyer to understand criminal law. The purpose of written criminal law is for everyone to be aware and on notice of actions that are not lawful, only then can Floridians be held accountable to the ever growing number of our absurd laws. Yet over time Florida laws have become more and more complicated often seeming to require the tools of a cryptographer rather than those of a Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer to ferret out their hidden meanings. 
Since King John Granted Magna Carta laws must be written and now can be understood in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Largo and Tampa Bay Florida
King John Grants Magna Carta
There's even a movement to put the laws into plain language which is a great idea. For Florida laws that already exist see the new website called  Sunshine Statutes which simplifies the task of understanding criminal law in Florida, something every Floridian and more than a few Tampa Bay Defense Lawyers should appreciate.
Sunshine Statutes gives every criminal statute's history while interlinking that history to the key words of other laws allowing a reader to follow the progression or retrogression (this is Florida, after all) of our Florida Criminal Statutes. For example, if you go to weapons and firearms then click to crimes in pharmacies you'll find that that it's a third degree felony to possess a firearm in a pharmacy with the exceptions such as having a license to cary a concealed weapon, clearly noted, with the legislative history and with links to other laws for andy cross reference to see if it's alright to carry a slingshot into the pharmacy of your choice. 

And as the site notes trust but verify. Once you've checked out the statute go to the official Florida Law at Online Sunshine to be sure the law has not been amended. Then you should run a search to see if any Florida Courts have found the statute unconstitutional or changed the way it must be read and interpreted or if in doubt call a Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney.