Sunday, March 18, 2012


The Florida Bar is seeking information on senior judges seeking service renewal. Senior judges are very experienced semi-retired judges who no longer want to work full time though some of them work longer hours than many of our regular judges. If your Judge is working too hard on your criminal case in Tampa Bay call your favorite Pinellas Criminal Defense Attorney.
Here is the notice which I received from the Florida Bar Association concerning judges in the Tampa Bay area which includes Pinellas County and Clearwater:
The following senior judges’ current service will expire on September 30, and they are seeking service renewal.
Any persons having knowledge bearing upon the fitness or qualifications of any of the senior judges on this list to continue service as a senior judge should send, on or before April 16, written comments to Thomas D. Hall, Clerk, Florida Supreme Court, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399, or by email to, or by telephone to the chair of the appropriate review board as noted.
Review Board Two (Judge Darryl C. Casanueva, chair, (813) 272-3430): Horace A. Andrews, Robert E. Beach, Charles T. Carlton, James R. Case, Wayne L. Cobb, Stephen L. Dakan, Nancy K. Donnellan, Donald C. Evans, Crockett Farnell, Judith J. Flanders, Barbara C. Fleischer, Marion L. Fleming, Thomas M. Gallen, Frank A. Gomez, Oliver L. Green, Ronald A. Herring, Anne H. Kaylor, David L. Levy, Randall G. McDonald, Daniel R. Monaco, Cecelia M. Moore, J. Rogers Padgett, Raul C. Palomino, Jr., Richard G. Prince, Harry M. Rapkin, Thomas S. Reese, E. J. Salcines, Jack R. Schoonover, Radford W. Smith, Hugh E. Starnes, Ralph Steinberg, James R. Thompson, Wayne S. Timmerman, Ray E. Ulmer, Jr., and David Seth Walker.
Florida Supreme Court Justice (Chief Justice Charles T. Canady, chair, (850) 410-8092): James E. Alderman and Ben F. Overton.

Raphael, The Judgment of Solomon, 1518
Seeing some of these names brings back many great memories from trials, court hearings, motions and jury deliberations, while I served as a prosecutor and young defense counsel; if you need a seasoned Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer, I'm learning more every day.  I'm glad to see that some of my favorite Judges including Overton, Andrews, Beach, Case, Farnell, Fleischer, Fleming, Padgett, Smith, Ulmer and Walker are still going strong and want to continue. Though the foreclosure process seems to have tainted other senior judges in Florida. I hope they'll be given service renewal to ease the workload of other judges, speed up the criminal court system and mostly to keep them all out of trouble by keeping them on the bench.