Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Florida's statewide investigative agency has a "Wanted Persons Search" function which allows you to check the names of anyone you suspect may be a fugitive from justice. Is your babysitter wanted for Murder, Aggravated Battery, or even worse in Florida's warped Criminal Justice System, the crime of Driving While License Suspended or Revoked? 

This link looks to be a winning party game at your next get together with friends, neighbors and especially politicians; all in abject fear that maybe that long forgotten speeding ticket was never paid. 

Below you'll see that FDLE (Florida's FBI) "cannot represent that this information is current, active or complete," but no matter just for the hell of it, your government puts it out there anyway, riddled with errors or not....

Here's the link to the Wanted Persons Search: FDLE Public Access System | Wanted Persons Search

And more about the database from your friends at FDLE:

The database contains Florida warrant information as reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement by law enforcement agencies throughout the state and authorized for release to the public. FDLE and the reporting agencies strongly recommend that no citizen take any individual action based on this information. This information is not to be used as a confirmation that any warrant is active, or as probable cause for an arrest. Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. FDLE cannot represent that this information is current, active, or complete. You should verify that a warrant is active with your local law enforcement agency or with the reporting agency. [Wanted persons may use false identification, which could cause the warrant to contain a name, date of birth, or other information not belonging to the subject of the warrant. Such false information may or may not be designated as an alias on the warrant.]

Here are some other FDLE LINKS of interest for your next neighborhood party:

And this, which from its name - STOLEN ARTICLES SEARCH - must be for finding a purloined article or two from this Blog or from say, The New Yorker.......no, I see, articles to FDLE means personal belongings, never mind then, just take what you want:
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